Before moving to Rutgers in January 2016, I was a (Distinguished) Member of Technical Staff for 21 years in various incarnations of the Mathematical Sciences Research Center of Bell Labs. There, I participated in a vast range of research projects (e.g., network, rateless, and LDPC coding, hybrid ARQ, color space quantization and color image processing, quantum information theory), as well as applied projects (e.g., designing the first distance-enhancing codes to be implemented in commercial magnetic storage devices and first forward error correcting codes for Bell Labs optical transmission devices, developing link error prediction methods for wireless network standards, and anomaly and intrusion detection).

Even as a graduate student, I worked in several different research areas. In my Ph.D. thesis, I used symbolic dynamics to design constrained codes for multi-input, multi-output communications and data storage. In my M.S. thesis, I used digital signal processing techniques to create algorithms for electric power measurements. In my European Diploma Degree (M.S. equivalent), I used stochastic and combinatorial optimization and graph theory to develop policies for long-term hydro-plants scheduling in electric power networks.

I often get questions about past work and will try to post more detail soon.